Business Plan Financials for Strayer BUS 521


Complete. Affordable. Effective.

Thousands of entrepreneurs have raised money, launched businesses, won business plan competitions—using these Business Plan Financials. Pre-formatted, flow-through, Excel-based Business Plan Financials make the process of creating financial projections easier, faster, and yes, perhaps even fun!



Key features

Complements the financial worksheets in Successful Business Plan and Entrepreneurship: A Real-World Approach

  • Includes all major business plan financial forms
  • Enter figures just once and they’ll flow through to other relevant forms
  • Enables you to complete your financials quickly
  • Projects up to five years out
  • Automatically generates professional graphs and charts
  • Built on Excel, the industry standard for financial reports

Accepted by

  • Venture capitalists
  • Angel investors
  • Banks and other lenders
  • Business plan competitions
  • Major corporations
  • Used in hundreds of business schools world-wide

“PlanningShop’s Business Plan Financials—there is no better way for my students to get their business plan financials done.” — Brian Petranick, University of Nebraska, Omaha


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