Marketing Budget Templates for MAC

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Easily generate useful, meaningful, and beautifully formatted marketing budgets

Pre-formatted, flow-through, Excel-based Marketing Budget Templates make the process of creating financial projections easier, faster, and yes, perhaps even fun!


Our powerful marketing budget templates are incredibly easy to use! Just enter your numbers, and the worksheets perform all the calculations necessary to generate useful, meaningful, beautifully-formatted marketing budgets!

Key features

  • Complements the budget templates in Successful Marketing, Secrets & Strategies
  • Develop a complete annual marketing budget plan quickly
  • Enter figures just once into your budget templates and they’ll flow to other relevant forms
  • Automatically generates professional graphs and charts
  • Budget templates built on Excel, the industry standard for financial reports
  • This version is for Mac. For the Windows version click here.

 Helps you

  • Sell more products or services
  • Launch new products or services
  • Establish or build a brand
  • Find affordable ways to get the word out about a company, product, or services
  • Compare best case and worst case scenarios

System Requirements

Mac running OS-X, Tiger or later, plus Excel 2004 or later.


MSRP: $59.95

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