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Start, Run, Grow

7 Growth Opportunity Questions

As you create your travel plans, ask yourself and your team the following 7 questions to help you discover new growth opportunities on the road.


Define Your Wins

Take the time to define the short- and long-term goals of your business trip. A little pre-planning can lead to big returns!


Turn One Trip Into Multiple Wins

It can pay to extend your business trip by a day, add one or two strategic to-dos to your agenda, and build your business even more.


Build Your Local Intelligence

Before arriving at your destination and meeting with customers and prospects, to prepare, do some research and then fill out this worksheet.


What to Do When You Return

In some ways, the most important part of your trip happens when you return. Track your many leads, sales, and ideas on this worksheet—and then follow up.


Your High Return on Travel Plan

Before your next business trip, take time to create your a travel plan that will make the most of your travel investment.


Elevator Pitch

Can you pitch your business in the time it takes to go up 3 floors? This worksheet will help you hone your skills.


Social Networking Strategies

Like everything in business, social media needs a plan. Use this worksheet to build and bolster your social media presence and impact.


Retaining Customers

Keeping customers is important to the long-term health of your business. Make a plan for customer retention with this marketing worksheet.


Design a Business Card and Brochure

Tried-and-true marketing tactics like business cards and brochures may seem old fashioned but the truth is they work.


Table: Convert Prospects into Customers

You’ve attracted prospects, now build relationships, and turn those prospects into customers.


Worksheet: Convert Prospects into Customers

Use this worksheet to determine which strategies you'll use to turn prospects into customers.


Satisfaction Survey

Wondering if your customers think you're doing a good job? Ask them!


Loyalty Programs

It pays to take care of your best customers. Loyalty programs make customers feel valued and keep them coming back.


Getting Publicity

Use this worksheet to list newsworthy ideas and to list potential media contacts who cover issues related to your company.


Year of the Dog

What the Year of the Dog Holds for Your Small Business

By Rhonda Abrams on February 21, 2018

Gung Hay Fat Choy. That’s the traditional greeting for Chinese New Year—which began on Friday, February 16 with celebrations continuing for two weeks. What does the Chinese New Year mean for your small business? In the Chinese—or Lunar—calendar, each year corresponds with one of the 12 animals in the Chinese zodiac. According to legend, the … Read more »

Ice skating lessons

Small Biz Lessons from Ice Skating

By Rhonda Abrams on February 14, 2018

The Winter Olympics are here, and figure skating is always one of the most popular sports of the games. I know I’m always enthralled watching how athleticism and artistry are combined. When I was just starting my small business, I was an enthusiastic, though not very good, ice skater, and I found there were many … Read more »

Trends 2018

Small Biz Trends for 2018

By Rhonda Abrams on February 12, 2018

You don’t have to be “trendy” to take advantage of emerging trends to help your business grow. Smart small business owners know they need to keep up with social and technological changes to succeed and survive over time. Which trends can your small business benefit from in 2018? Local. The term “local” is hot. Consumers … Read more »