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Biz Travel

Is Travel Good for Small Business?

By Rhonda Abrams on May 17, 2017

We’re just one week away from Memorial Day–the semi-official start of the summer season. For most employees, that means it’s time to use up some of those vacation days they’ve accumulated. But if you’re a small business owner or entrepreneur, no one gives you vacation pay. So you may think of summer as the time … Read more »

Airlines and Small Biz

8 Lessons from Airlines for Small Business

By Rhonda Abrams on May 10, 2017

Lately, it seems like airlines can’t do anything right. They drag people off planes, kill giant rabbits, snatch strollers from babies. Is this what customer service should be all about? If you run a small business, the airlines have been giving us all a master class in “what not to do to your customers,” so … Read more »

Small Business Socks

9 Small Business Facts to Knock Your Socks Off

By Rhonda Abrams on May 3, 2017

It’s Small Business Week in America, time for the country to recognize the many contributions small businesses make to our economy, our communities, and our fellow Americans. Now, if you own a small business–especially if you work from home or have just a handful of employees–acquaintances might not give you much respect. When I started … Read more »

Women Business Owners

Why the World Would End Without Women Business Owners

By Rhonda Abrams on April 26, 2017

Women small business owners are saving America. The economic recovery has been a long, slow slog. Without women starting businesses, we’d all be in much tougher shape. Here’s why: women start businesses at a rate five times faster than men. In fact, women launch 1000 new businesses every day. Women would do a whole lot … Read more »

Marijuana Smallbiz

Turning Grass into Green

By Rhonda Abrams on April 19, 2017

“You’ve completely lost it now,” was the reaction of Beth Stavola’s husband when she decided to get into the medical marijuana business. But this dynamic business woman illustrates the opportunities and challenges small business owners face when getting into the booming business of marijuana and cannabis-related products. Stavola is about as unlikely a pot entrepreneur … Read more »

Family Smallbiz

8 Steps to Surviving a Family Small Biz

By Rhonda Abrams on April 12, 2017

Love your sister and want to start a business with her? Or have your adult kids enter your small business? How about asking your parents to help with your startup? Running a business with family members can be great – or not. It can present some sticky situations – just ask the Trumps. Before you … Read more »

Smallbiz Taxes

The 6 Worst Things You Can Do on Your Small Biz Taxes

By Rhonda Abrams on April 5, 2017

The good news: your small business made money in 2016. The bad news: you’ve got to file and pay income taxes. For those of us who run small businesses or are self-employed, this can be a much more daunting task than for those who simply get a W2. You want to take every deduction you … Read more »

Danger Signs

7 Signs Your Small Business Is About to Die

By Rhonda Abrams on March 29, 2017

Every small business owner has good days and bad days, good months and bad months. But how do you know when you’re not just experiencing a temporary downswing but are in serious trouble? Here are seven key danger signs that your business is about to fail and steps you can take to keep your business … Read more »

Economy Pessimism

Small Businesses Worried About the Economy

By Rhonda Abrams on March 22, 2017

Entrepreneurs and small business owners are an optimistic group. They’re bullish on themselves and their own industry. But when it comes to the overall economy, they’re not so upbeat. That’s the conclusion of a new global survey of small companies, “The Future of Business Survey,” being conducted monthly by Facebook and coordinated by the World … Read more »

Small Biz Social Media

Make Sales, Not Tweets

By Rhonda Abrams on March 15, 2017

Our new President, Donald Trump, spends a lot of time on Twitter. He’s tweeted almost 35,000 times and often tweets many times a day. But is all that time on social media well spent? Whether you have one of the world’s largest enterprises to run – let’s say one directly affecting 330 million of your … Read more »

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